Men's Putting Club

A place for camaraderie and developing your putting skills!

A good eye, a good stroke and sink it!

It doesn't get better than this


The Sun City West Men’s Putting Club conducts weekly putting competitions on the large practice green at the Grandview Golf Course, adjacent to the Golf Shop and the Crooked Putter Restaurant.  We lay out a unique 18-hole course prior to each event, using the hole locations which have been set by the greenskeepers.  We make the course as difficult and demanding as we can, within the bounds of our course layout specifications.

No reservations or cancellations are involved for our members.  Those who show up before our Check-In Table closes are assigned a starting hole for the “shotgun” start.  The event takes a little less than one hour to complete.

We develop handicaps over a period of time, so that we can compete (for low scores) within “flights” of comparable skills.

Members may bring a non-resident guest to putt up to five times a year. Resident’s may play as a guest five times and then they are required to join. Guests do not pay to play but they also are not entitled to any payouts.

Camaraderie and developing our putting skills (on a true golf course green) are our watch-words.  We’re out to enjoy a good time!

Advance notices of changes in start time are posted on the Club’s Bulletin Board.  During winter, our posted start times may be delayed by golf course frost delays.  The status of frost delays can be determined by phoning 544-6175 and at the prompt, pressing 4 for Grandview.